How To Make Your Air Cooler Perform Better In Summer?


It becomes more difficult to maintain calm and relaxation in summer due to the increasing temperature. While air conditioners seem to be the must-have, many households still have air coolers. You should choose air coolers over air conditioners. Air coolers are eco-friendly and more affordable than air conditioners.

In recent years, air-coolers have had their design improved and their sizes reduced. However, the principle of natural cooling by evaporative means remains the same. The basic principle of evaporative cooling is that hot air is taken in and passed through honeycomb pads or wet wool. This makes it cooler. After you have understood the basic principles of air-coolers and are now ready to apply these tips to help your air-cooler perform better in this horrendous, hot season.

• Proper ventilation is essential for effective cooling. Cooling air-coolers must have continuous airflow. For humidity to be pushed out of a room, it is important that there is good ventilation.

• Place the air cooler near the window. Remember that air-coolers work according to the principle of evaporative cooling. If the hot air is able to get in quicker, there will be evaporation. Therefore, you will only get cooler air. To increase the cooling you can adjust it a little after the cooler has been placed in front.

• You can add a chill to your water tank to enjoy amazing cooling. If you’re looking for cooling, adding ice to the water could be a good idea. Coolers come with dedicated cooling compartments. Cooler air can be created by adding ice to the water.

• Before you use your air-cooler, be sure to clean it thoroughly. Clean the cooling pads after you have packed your air cooler. The cooling pads can accumulate dust and pollen. It’s best to have them replaced if they are really in poor shape. It is also important to clean out the water tank and make sure there are no leaks. Thirdly, you can clean the fan blades to increase the cooling efficiency.

• Take care to ensure that your cooling system is long-lasting. Do not place air-coolers onto uneven platforms. Avoid dragging or interfering with the rotary blades. To enjoy long-lasting cooling, it is always better not to touch them.

• Before using, be sure to fully submerge the cooling pads. The pump should be left running while you fill-up the water tank. This ensures instant cooling. The cooling pads will become soaked as the water flows through the pump. The fan can be turned on once the tank is full.

These tips are not the only ones you should use. You can also close the curtains and turn off the lights to keep the heat out. To maximize its effectiveness, make sure you place the cooler in the best possible spot. Kuul has a large selection of personal, window, and desert coolers that you can choose from if this is your season. Evaporative cooler pads infused these air-coolers to deliver cleaner, fresher air. The Kuul evaporative cooler pads combine the latest features to make them the best cooling solution for your space.

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