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Do you enjoy writing as much as I do? We would be delighted to have you contribute to our website as well as our newsletter.

Articles that are of interest to the general public, such as 

  • Home improvement,
  • Business,
  • Finance,
  • Automobile,
  • Lifestyle,
  • Technology,
  • Family/parenting,
  • Travel
  • Entertainment


It is required that all of the tales and articles be original. Anything that has been published in the past ought to have a mention to it, or a link ought to be established to the proper webpage.

• If at all feasible, keep the length of your entries between 500 and 1000 words.

• Images should be uploaded separately as attachments, in the jpg file format, and should be between half a megabyte and one megabyte in size. Please DO NOT put them into Word documents; instead, simply write a note in the document indicating where the photo needs to be placed.

• If you need to crop your images, the landscape orientation works far better than the portrait orientation.

• Be sure to include your complete name and a phone number where you can be reached.

• It’s possible that we’ll need to make editorial adjustments to both the grammar and the substance of your piece. In addition, we’ll take care of formatting it and getting it ready for publication.

• Authors will be given credit, but the author will retain ownership of any copyrights associated with their work.

• We will communicate with you on the publication status of your submitted article or narrative.

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